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“ absolute showstopper. Vocals that'd make London Grammar quiver, and guitars with the same kinda gut-punch as Julien Baker. I think I just held my breath for three and a half minutes straight”. ~ Gemma Pike, Triple J

“History is the latest single from Melbourne songstress MAXON, a powerful new track in the vein of Meg Mac but with a bit more juice in the tank”. ~ Pilerats.

“They say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Well all we want to do is repeat it with the impressive new single ‘History’ from Maxon..... Maxon’s powerhouse vocal is something certainly needs to be witnessed live”. ~ Forte Mag.

Australian singer-songwriter Maxon is currently shaking audiences with her trademark vocal and boundless song-writing talents. A gifted and versatile artist, Maxon burst onto the Melbourne music scene in 2016 with her own brand of raw, emotionally-driven pop songs and a dynamic vocal range that earned her comparisons to the likes of Adele, Meg Mac and even one of her biggest inspirations, Alanis Morissette.

With unstoppable strength and a callousness toward burning bridges if need be, Maxon’s writing is stylistic of a diary entry; clandestine and forthright. Such confessional writing is bound to a vulnerable stage presence and a voice soaked in command, as Maxon’s audiences witness the tale of the gifted singer and her battle through the trials and tribulations of love and its conditions.

2018 was dusted with an abundance of awakenings as the singer began to sift through, and heal from past traumas, of which she had always gingerly side-stepped. Since the shift, each performance has further opened Maxon’s heart to sharing her story in its truest form, with more to offer, and with more light.

Maxon’s latest single, December (available online now), is a vulnerable, stripped-back break-up song challenging the emotions that came to light six months after separating with her partner of seven years. Despite it’s heavy-heartedness, December tackles true emotion with an air of pure love, and confronts grief head-on.

Maxon is now gearing up to record some brand new material. Keep up to date and sign up to her mailing list.

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